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One thing a lot of business owners ask about is reviews. Why are they important? How do you get them? What do you do with them? One company can be swimming in reviews while another company may struggle to just get a few. And while there’s no magic formula to getting reviews (and no way to guarantee 5 stars from every single reviewer), there are a few things you can do to increase your reviews and rankings, and we have answers to all those age-old questions. 

Why reviews are important

When you are thinking about purchasing a product or request a service, do you look at reviews left by customers before making a decision? If you do, you’re not alone…

  • 97% of customers and consumers look at online reviews before making a purchase decision
  • Nearly half of that 97% look for 4 star reviews or higher to ensure that the product or service is top quality and is satisfactory
  • Many individuals will read and compare 7 or more reviews for a single brand or business

When your satisfied clients or customers leave positive reviews about your products or services, these reviews encourage potential clients and customers to trust and choose your brand or business. Great sales and marketing strategies are hugely important, but having real consumers leave real feedback that supports the claims your ads make is what really seals the deal for most potential buyers or users.

How to get reviews

You can’t force or bribe your clients or customers to leave your reviews. But you can do two things:

  1. Have a product or service that’s so great that your clients and customers want to leave positive reviews
  2. Make it as easy as possible for them to leave those reviews.

Reviews are usually posted on third-party sites like directories and social media platforms, and many clients and customers have preferences on which ones they use. And depending on your industry and your target audience, different review platforms will be more or less relevant to your brand or business. Here are just a few examples of places your customers can leave reviews:

When you have a profile that is properly set up, branded, and easy to find or access, your client or customer can easily leave a review. If a profile is hard to find or appears unfamiliar or inaccurate compared to other profiles or your website, this can discourage them from leaving a review.

Depending on your relationship with the client or customer, you can ask them to leave a review or share their feedback. If they have communicated to you directly that they have enjoyed your product or are satisfied with your service, that is a great opportunity to share a link to one of your directory or social profiles and ask them if they would be willing to share that feedback for others to see.

What to do with those reviews

One of the best things about positive reviews is that you don’t have to do much with them once you have them. They do the work for you by growing your reputation, building awareness and trust in your brand, and encouraging sales.

But one thing you can and should do with those positive reviews is showcase them on your website. By either including screenshots or quoting them on your website, you’re building your credibility to potential customers who may have come to your website directly. It’s also a great way to amass reviews from several different platforms and display them in one place.

Whether a review is positive or negative, you should always respond to it in a timely matter. If a review is positive, thank them for their purchase and their review. Let them know that you appreciate them and their feedback. Be genuine and authentic in your response. And, if it’s possible to include a detail about your interaction with the client or customer, do so! This makes the response more personal and shows your appreciation for the individual customer.

If a review is negative, take the opportunity to make it right. While not every customer will be satisfied and while not every complaint is rational or fair, the best approach a business can take is to offer an apology and ask for a chance to discuss the matter further to see if a resolution can be made. Regardless of the customer’s feedback, the most important thing is for the brand or business to remain courteous and professional.

How we can help

With our SEO packages, we can assist with setting up profiles on review sites and directories, and ensure that the content on those profiles is consistent with the content on our client’s website. And when we build websites for our clients, we always display positive reviews on the homepage for their potential customers to easily see.

We also offer packages and solutions that guarantee that 4-star and 5-star reviews left by clients and customers are displayed on both the review platform and your website, while reviews that are 3-stars or lower can be learned from and addressed without being displayed publicly.

If you’re interested in increasing your positive reviews and displaying them proudly on your website, contact us today to discuss how we can help you make that happen.