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Premium website design & effective digital marketing services.

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Website design & digital marketing done right.

We design premium websites built to ensure businesses look their best online. And, our websites are designed to gain a considerable amount of online traffic by using various industry standard optimization and digital marketing strategies.

We are well versed in Google products and key social media platforms. Our stellar website design along with effective digital marketing products is a guaranteed success.

Creative design

Identify your goals, define the scope of the project, and then wireframe, design, and create the website that will most effectively serve your brand.

Expert development

Build, optimize, and institute every page, feature, and function of your site with precision and perfection.

Stellar UI/UX

Provide your users with the best possible interface and experience on all devices, using smart design that focuses on user intent.

Visual content

Showcase your brand and emphasize your story with powerful, communicative, and eye-catching visual content of all mediums.

Powerful pages

Design and develop each unique page of your website to the most current design trends and standards, with consistent branding and effective optimization—whether it’s your homepage, an interior page, or a landing page for a specific marketing initiative.

Top tier security

Secure your website and protect your company (and your clients) from security breaches and cyber attacks by taking industry-standard security measures.

Performance analysis

Routinely perform thorough professional audits of your site to ensure performance is optimal, and to make improvements, revisions, or refinements when appropriate.

Competitive solutions

Offer unique website packages specifically created for business (and budgets) of all sizes, guaranteeing stellar design and top-notch UI/UXs with each one.

Stellar design with effective marketing guarantees success.

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We implement pure awesomeness, your business gains considerable results.

It starts with a meeting where we gain insight about your business, your target audience, and ultimately your online objectives. From there we research, strategize, and then implement pure awesomeness while your business gains considerable results.

Strategic marketing

Grow your business online with proven digital marketing strategies, including SEO, SEM, and content optimization practices.

Search optimization

Improve your website’s visibility and ranking in relevant SERPs (search engine result pages) through effective SEO strategies.

Local optimization

Properly, accurately, and effectively list your business on all recommended local & industry-specific directories (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing.)

Paid ads

Reach your target audiences, effectively market your business, and exceed your competitors with custom strategic ad campaigns on the leading paid advertising platforms.

Brand awareness

Enhance your online presence and increase awareness of your brand by generating impressions, earning page views, and integrating your brand into every digital marketing initiative.

Valuable conversions

Generate valuable leads and conversions with strong USPs (unique selling propositions), effective CTAs (calls to action), and strategic digital marketing initiatives that reach the right audience.

Smart solutions

Regularly monitor on-going campaigns, expertly analyze data reports, and intelligently refine and improve initiatives when possible.

Return on investment

Deliver real results and exceptional ROI with metric and data reports on all quantifiable initiatives.

Smart design supercharged with precise marketing.

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What they say.

I live in New Zealand and found it very easy to work with SMARTBIZ DESIGN. Communication was always clear and consistent which is very critical to me and has been an issue with other companies I have worked with in the website and marketing space. I would recommend SMARTBIZ DESIGN to others and I am very happy with the new online image of my business.

— Paul Fitzsimmons. | Fitz Consulting

I shopped long and hard before I picked our site design and digital marketing firm. I spoke with no less than 15 companies. We were price sensitive but it was not our main issue. Our priority was getting a site that represented our company accurately from a variety of perspectives. SMARTBIZ DESIGN never tried to sell me anything. They asked lots of questions and answered even more. Once we had a meeting of the minds about what we wanted and what they could provide they simply sent me a proposal and a list of next steps if we wanted to move forward. I will say the cost of the site was less than I expected and met my budget. I sent their team the content they needed and we had a test site up for review 5 days before we expected. I was VERY pleased with the quality and feel of the site for what we paid. No BS, no sales song and dance, just a series of simple information exchanges between our firms. I absolutely feel we got a lot of site for the cost- delivered in a timely organized fashion. As a result this entire process we are moving forward with them as our SEO/SEM marketing team now.

— Mike F. | InHome Recovery Care

I was absolutely thrilled with the results from working with SMARTBIZ DESIGN creating my new website and online marketing plan. Geo and his team are very easy to work with and certainly steered us in the right direction for our marketing campaign. We were able to track our results and actually see the benefits of their efforts. He designed us a logo that we fell in love with – immediately! I had been using another vendor prior to signing up with SMARTBIZ and after months of being with them – my google results were far less than I had expected. Realistically, I ended up spending less money with SMARTBIZ DESIGN and getting better results than I had hoped for. I HIGHLY recommend Geo and his team for any project!

— Ron Strobo | Demolition Pros

Hiring SMARTBIZ DESIGN to help create the website for my family law practice has been a wonderful experience. Geo is such a detail oriented, creative individual. He did not presume to plug in my information into some cookie-cutter site. He took the time to talk to me about my practice and the image I wanted to project. He guided me through the process, taking time to discuss options, making sure that I ended up with a product that set me apart from other family law offices. In the end, I am very proud of the website as it reflects my own personality. The response from clients has been beyond my expectation! Thanks Geo!

— Caryn Van Matre | Caryn Van Matre Law

Thank you SMARTBIZ DESIGN! When we began our work together I had a vision for my website. You were able to create my vision and add your own touch of style. I absolutely love my website and look forward to our ongoing professional relationship!

— Jessica Qualls | Jessica Qualls Counseling

I have worked with Geo on several projects, both personally and with my law firm. He is creative, responsive, and delivered above and beyond my expectations. He is a consummate professional.

— Ryan Barnett | Gratitude Share

Geo Brookhart is nothing short of wonderful to work with. He is timely, competitively-priced, and over-delivers in all expectations. His knowledge and expertise is apparent in all he does and he will find a solution to anything asked outside his experience. You get all of that and he is truly a pleasure to work with. He is professional and one of the nicest, friendliest people I know. I hope to be using Geo for all my website needs for years to come.

— Michelle Nelson Schmidt | MNS Creative

I had an idea of what I wanted my business website to look like, but after working with Geo and the team at SMARTBIZ DESIGN, I learned how much I did not know. Geo asked the right questions to help understand what I was trying to accomplish and then designed and implemented a great solution. I highly recommend him to build a website that will help your business succeed.

— Paul Carney | Paul Carney Works

Extensive expertise

Implement and utilize our team’s extensive expertise and diverse experiences to provide the most thorough product using any tool or platform.

Innate passion

Inject deep-seated, visceral passion into every idea, every action, every project, and every client relationship.

Fluid creativity

Conceive innovative concepts, formulate ideas, and develop products on the cutting-edge of design and creativity.

Intelligent design

Develop websites, features, and elements that are designed to build brand awareness, generate leads, and encourage conversions.

Genuine connections

Cultivate relationships with valuable SMBs locally, nationally, and globally, and use our position to not only invest in their online presence, but in their mission and their community.

Clear transparency

Develop efficient strategies, set realistic expectations, and deliver valuable results based on thorough research of market, industry, and economic positions.

Consistent communication

Keep your team, your staff, and your partners thoroughly informed during every stage of your project, including the planning, the progress, and the results.

Proven results

Reach your audience, increase your revenue, and grow your business with smart designs and strategic marketing initiatives that work.

Design & marketing done right.

Recent design and marketing insights.

How to create powerful USPs.

With digital marketing, content is key. And when it comes to writing content for your website, there are a few vital elements that you can’t overlook or ignore. One of these elements are your unique selling propositions (USPs). For your content to be effective and generate conversions, you really want to be intentional with your…
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Ways to promote your new product or service.

Whether you are an SMB, an SME, or a larger enterprise, you are constantly using digital marketing practices and initiatives to reach your target audiences, generate leads and conversions, and increase revenue. For newer businesses, the goal of these initiatives is to build brand awareness, interest, and trust. For businesses who are well-branded, well-known, or…
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A man using a laptop to look at content on various channels.

Making the most of your content.

Whether you are regularly blogging or just adding fresh, exciting content to your site a few times a year, you have likely invested a significant amount of thought, time, and resources into your content. You may be writing content that is informative, authoritative, and trustworthy. Or, you may have top-quality photos, videos, or infographics that…
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A purple neon sign on a brick wall that says "directory".

Local directories you should be using.

Studies have shown that four out of five consumers use search to find information about local brands and businesses. So, if you haven’t optimized your business for local search, you could be missing out on 80% of your potential consumers. Local SEO is as important as any other SEO or digital marketing initiative if you…
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Two white talk bubbles on a blue background.

Live chat with your website visitors.

The way we communicate and interact with one another has evolved with the digital age. Instead of taking the time to call and talk (or leave a voicemail and wait patiently for a call back), we often opt to send a text message or an email and await a response, which usually arrives quickly. Companies…
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A SMB owner thinking about emails.

How to build your email list.

Customer retention is a valuable and essential goal for any business looking to increase their revenue and sustain their growth, since customer loyalty results in repeated purchases and valuable referrals. And luckily, retaining existing customers is significantly less expensive than acquiring new ones—sometimes 5-25x less! One of the best ways to cultivate customer loyalty is…
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A graph chart on an easel.

Three ways to enhance your web forms.

Web forms are a common, effective, and highly beneficial feature that brands and businesses use to connect with prospects, and on Monday we discussed three specific types of web forms that generate conversions for SMBs in any industry or market. Most web forms are placed strategically within a conversion funnel or lead generation process, eliciting…
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A green button on a laptop keyboard that says "Contact us"

Web forms that generate conversions.

Web forms are a common and effective feature for websites, and brands and businesses use them for a number of reasons—collect contact information, receive questions or feedback, give opportunities to subscribe to a mailing list or register for an event, and more. These forms take potential customers through the lead flow process to help businesses…
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Tips to improve your responsive design.

Studies have shown that mobile devices account for half of all web traffic globally. This statistic might indicate that the responsive version of a website is equally as important as its main desktop version, but there are other statistics that prove that responsive design can have a greater effect on your users’ experience and your…
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A close up of meta code for a website.

Site Essentials #3: Meta Descriptions & Alt Tags

Last week we discussed what pages are essential to any website regardless of its industry, as well as the important nature of the site’s header and footer. Today in our third and final installment of our “site essentials” blog series, we’re discussing two SEO practices that are absolutely essential but get easily overlooked: meta descriptions…
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A website wireframe on a notepad.

Site Essentials #2: Header & Footer

On Monday, we discussed what pages are essential to any website, regardless of the industry. Two other essential site elements that we want to discuss are the header and the footer. A vast majority of websites have a header and a footer, even if they are minimal or unobtrusive, and they both serve important purposes…
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A web designer outlining a website wireframe on a glass drawing board.

Site Essentials #1: Pages

Many entrepreneurs and SMB owners are interested in launching a website for their business but aren’t sure where to start. They don’t know what sites or features need to be included (or are unsure of what is possible), they don’t know what written or visual content they need to provide, and they don’t know how…
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