A live video stream feed displayed on a smartphone.

A video is a great way to pique your followers interest and keep their attention, and it’s even better when that video is live. But many brands and entrepreneurs are hesitant to try a live video, afraid that they may not know what to say and might end up sitting in awkward silence with their followers. If you’re interested in adding live videos to your social media marketing efforts, here are five creative ways to do so.

Give a live class or tutorial.

Whether you’ve recently released a unique new product or have gained followers who may not have tried your product out yet, a live class or tutorial is a great way to show them exactly how it works. You can highlight it’s benefits and what solutions it offers to common pain points, while showing them the quality, convenience, and user-friendliness of it. This can help current consumers feel more confident with your product, and intrigue prospects to want to give it a try themselves. You can also show them some special tips and tricks that they may not have known before.

Show what goes on behind the scenes.

If you have an office, warehouse, or facility that your consumers and followers don’t usually get to see, consider giving them a virtual tour over a live video. Do a walk through of some of the more interesting or exciting parts, maybe introduce a few unique team members or contributors, and give your followers a more intimate look at your brand.

Answer your followers’ questions.

If your followers tend to engage with your social posts by asking questions, consider answering some of those questions in a live video. You can go through your inbox and the comments on previous posts to collect and write down the most frequently asked questions and then and then address them live, or you can have viewers ask you new questions in real time by commenting on the live video. This is a great way to answer these questions at one time and in one place while providing your followers to learn more about you and your brand. It’s also a great way to engage with your followers, and make them feel valued and appreciated when you answer their questions directly.

Host a live roundtable discussion.

Do you have a core team, a few partners, or a network of industry experts that you work alongside of? Consider doing a roundtable discussion. Prepare a topic that will interest your audience and that your speakers are equipped to share about. This works best if you and your speakers are together in one space, such as a conference room or office. When you’re in person with each other, you can converse more fluently and smoothly without the risk of your device or connection lagging, which could cause gaps of dead air that can frustrate or deter your viewers. If being in the same physical location isn’t an option for you and some of your speakers, many platforms do offer ways to have your guests join you remotely.

Launch a new product.

If you’re releasing a new product or service, consider doing a live launch! You can advertise the live event ahead of time with teasers to attract your audience and followers to join in. With a live event, you can engage with your audience, build up hype and momentum, and even offer a giveaway. One of the best benefits of a live launch is getting to see your audiences real time reactions, and make them feel more a part of your brand. Once the live event ends, you can post the recording to your profiles along with other announcement graphics, photos, or videos for your viewers to share with others, or for your followers who may have missed the live stream.

Tips for before and during your live video.

If something unexpected and exciting happens that you just don’t want your followers to miss, you can of course go “live” at any given moment. Loyal followers who have your push notifications turned on or (who happen to be on that platform’s app at the right moment) will likely join in without any advance notice. But in any other case, it’s best to plan ahead, for both you and your audience.

Planning ahead allows you to give your followers a heads up so they don’t accidentally miss out, while also allowing you to prepare anything you may need. Some things that may need to be prepared include:

  • Talking points. You don’t have to have a whole script outlined, but you’ll want to at least have a general outline of what you need to cover in that video so nothing gets forgotten or left out.
  • Equipment. All you really need to do a live video is your smartphone, but you’ll want to make sure your device is charged so it doesn’t die during the livestream, and that your internet connection won’t have any interruptions. You can also implement lighting and sound equipment, like a ring light or a microphone to elevate your video/audio quality.
  • Guests. If you’re featuring other team members or partners in your video, you’ll want to give them a heads up. Some people can be camera shy or just feel unprepared if they’re thrown into a live video without warning, so you’ll want to confirm that they are interested in being involved and inform them of what will be expected of them.
  • Spaces. If you’re doing a behind the scenes, you’ll want to make sure the spaces you’re showcasing are presentable. Eliminate any unnecessary mess or clutter, and make sure there isn’t anything out on display that should be confidential or concealed. You don’t want to accidentally leak private or exclusive information.

During your livestream, keep in mind that it is live. That means you can’t edit out blunders or mistakes—there are no rewinds or redos. Some technical difficulties and fumbles are expected and unavoidable, and most live viewers understand this, so they are quick to forgive and forget. But reminding yourself that you are on live video in real time with your viewers can help you stay on the ball and avoid needless errors.

We can help promote your live event and repurpose the video content.

If you have an upcoming live video event planned, contact our digital marketing experts today. We can help you prepare for your event and promote it to your target audiences. We can also help you repurpose and optimize that video content afterwards by amplifying it on other channels, or turning it into a blog post or podcast.