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The digital age has changed the way we shop and buy, and the importance of digital marketing is steadily increasing year after year. The average person spends 6.5 hours per day on the internet, with half of that being spent on mobile devices. In order to efficiently attract, engage, and convert potential clients and customers, it’s essential to establish and maintain a strong online presence and to connect with consumers online.

Trends and algorithms change often, so it’s important to ensure that the tools that you are using and the strategies that you are implementing are current and relevant. Here are a few channels that will be essential to any successful business in 2020…

Digital marketing tool #1: Paid Campaigns

Paid advertising is an indispensable tool that all successful brands and business must use to stay relevant and visible in today’s digital space. While content optimization is highly effective and organic searches can yield great results, organic likes and shares are decreasing because social platforms are requiring brands and business to pay for exposure. And because Google has recently been filling up search engine result pages (SERPs) with snippets of the most useful information, many users don’t have a reason to click through to websites when the information is given to them immediately. Paid advertising ensures that your landing page is always visible and easily accessible to your potential customers and clients, which increases your impressions and your clicks. (Don’t have a landing page? Check out our blog post about the power of a great landing page!)

There are a few important steps that go into creating a successful ad campaign:

  • Research. To create a strong, powerful, and successful campaign on any paid advertising platform, research must be done. In order for the ad spend to be used efficiently and for the ads to work effectively, you must determine what keywords should be used, what demographics should be targeted, and what written and/or visual content should be made and used in order to capture the attention of your target audience.
  • Strategize. Once you have your keywords and phrases, your target demographics, and how your ads will look or read, you need to determine where those ads should be displayed, and how much you will pay for them. Determining an ad spend budget and utilizing your research to determine how to spend that budget most efficiently is an essential part of the ad process.
  • Convert. Once your ad campaign is established and launched, potential clients and customers will click through those ads when searching for the keywords you’ve targeted, and will land on your landing page. When your ads are strategic and strong, and your landing page is professionally designed, you’ll see significant increases in your conversions and your revenue. 

(Check back in with our blog in the next two weeks for a more in-depth look at Google Ads and Facebook Ads!)

Digital marketing tool #2: Local SEO

Local search engine optimization (or Local SEO) is a form of optimization that helps brands and businesses to promote their products and services to local prospects. It works similarly to organic SEO, but it means you will rank highly in searches for your own city or neighborhood, increasing your foot traffic and revenue. If your restaurant or retail location is in Miami, you won’t gain foot traffic or revenue from ranking high in Atlanta’s local search results.

Improving your local SEO is vital if you want to increase your organic local traffic, and there are several steps to do so:

  • Site optimization. Including geographic and contact information that is easily accessible and user friendly is essential. You can also include a map on your contact page or in the footer so that potential visitors can see exactly where you are located.
  • Responsive design. We’ve talked before about why responsive design matters. With nearly 50% of global website traffic being done on mobile devices, it is vital to ensure that your potential visitors can view your website on their mobile device. If a potential visitor is out and about and decide at the last minute that they want to look for a retail store, a restaurant, or any other type of establishment, they are going to use their phone to search for one. When your brand or business ranks on the first page and the potential client or customer is able to easily navigate your site, they’re more likely to follow through with visiting.
  • Claim your online profiles. There are several major search engines and review platforms that list businesses both big and small. Many consumers and visitors will check with one or several of these reputable sources like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor to find an establishment that provides what they are looking for. Making sure that you are listed on these sites and that your information is consistent and accurate is very helpful when it comes to local SEO.

Digital marketing tool #3: Blog Posts

Writing and publishing articles on your blog that are consistent and relevant can enhance your website and your online presence in several ways:

  • It helps builds trust. When potential clients or customers find useful information and helpful answers on your website, it establishes trust in your expertise and your authority in your brand or business’ industry. 
  • It helps increase your SEO. When your articles are accurate, relevant, and optimized with keywords, they can increase your visibility with organic searches.

There are roughly one billion blogs out there right now. But that number shouldn’t overwhelm you or scare you, it should encourage you! The reason blogging has grown so significantly in popularity is because it’s effective. Brands and businesses are blogging about topics relevant to their industry, because those articles are being consumed by potential clients and customers and helping them increase their conversions.

Having a blog page on your website and publishing original articles to it on a regular basis helps increase your search ranking and your website traffic. And showing that you are an expert in your field cultivates trust with your customers and clients, leading to increased conversions and increased revenue

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