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Website design. We design effective websites.

A website is a crucial necessity for any brand or business in this digital age. Without a professionally designed and optimized website, you are missing out on a significant number of opportunities to grow and increase your traffic. A website is a powerful marketing tool, an essential form of advertising, and a vital source for consumers to find everything they need to know about your business.

Here at SMARTBIZ DESIGN, we design, build, and optimize websites that increase visibility, establish credibility, and create accessibility for our clients’ brands and businesses. We understand the power and importance of a strong online presence, and we strive to use our experience and expertise to help you grow your brand or business online.

Stellar design with effective marketing guarantee success.

Recent design insights.

A website wireframe on a notepad.

Site Essentials #2: Header & Footer

On Monday, we discussed what pages are essential to any website, regardless of the industry. Two other essential site elements that we want to discuss are the header and the footer. A vast majority of websites have a header and a footer, even if they are minimal or unobtrusive, and they both serve important purposes…
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A web designer outlining a website wireframe on a glass drawing board.

Site Essentials #1: Pages

Many entrepreneurs and SMB owners are interested in launching a website for their business but aren’t sure where to start. They don’t know what sites or features need to be included (or are unsure of what is possible), they don’t know what written or visual content they need to provide, and they don’t know how…
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A hacker hacking into a website.

How to protect your website from hackers.

Companies of every size and industry face the risk of being a victim of a cyber attack, regardless of where they host their website. Research has estimated that a cyber attack takes place every 39 seconds, so taking measures to secure and defend your site from these attempts is of the utmost importance. Why they…
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Screencapture of a website audit results.

Auditing your website.

Why an audit matters. When you create your website or make significant changes to it, search engines use algorithms to crawl each page of that site. These crawls determine how your site ranks for relevance, usability, and other factors. These algorithms assign a rank to each page, and that rank determines how high that page…
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Two hands connecting two white puzzle pieces over a yellow background.

Premium website design + effective digital marketing = success.

As a web design and digital marketing agency, we regularly encounter SMB owners and entrepreneurs who express interest in bringing their business online (or taking their online presence to the next level) but they aren’t sure where to start. Some have websites that were built over a decade ago and that haven’t been updated to…
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Smartphones displaying data reports.

Digital marketing performance data & analytics.

Whether your digital marketing is managed in house or outsourced to an agency, a lot of thought, time, and energy is invested into your initiatives. But the work doesn’t stop once that website, campaign, or social post is launched! Collecting and analyzing performance data is vital to the long term success of your digital marketing…
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A checklist on yellow paper.

Vital checklist before launching your website.

Designing, developing, and launching a new website is an exciting process, but keeping track of every little detail can be stressful for even the most seasoned team of professionals. From copy to design assets, navigation to optimization, and everything in between, there are plenty of seemingly minuscule details that can get easily overlooked but can…
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A consumer shopping on his smartphone.

All about ecommerce.

Ecommerce (“electronic commerce”) is the process through which physical and/or electronic products are bought and sold online. This shopping process is more popular than ever before, and has largely outgrown brick-and-mortar stores in many industries and markets.  With the increasing use of mobile devices and social platforms to find, research, and purchase products, a professional…
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Someone making adjustments on a user experience control panel.

Improve your website’s UX for 2020.

User Experience (or UX) refers to the person’s overall experience when using your website. Your website may look stellar and it may receive a significant amount of traffic, but if your user experience isn’t at its full potential, you could be missing out on valuable conversions. As you refine and increase your marketing for this…
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