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Have you ever written a great blog post, recorded an engaging podcast episode, taken a beautiful photo, created an awesome graphic, or filmed a stellar video that you invested time, energy, and creativity into, just to receive a disappointing amount of engagement or a lack of engagement altogether?

You know you’ve created content that you believe in and that your audience wants to see—it’s just a matter of getting it in front of the right members of your audience and connecting with them, which means you can’t just post it on your website or upload it to a single platform and call it a day. Content amplification is the best way to reach your audience from several different approaches, increase the overall traffic to your content, and maximize your opportunities for exposure and engagement.

But what is content amplification? Put simply, it’s using several various online platforms and channels to amplify or promote your content. Here we’ve included five different methods you can use to amplify your content. You may already be using one or several of these platforms/channels for various purposes, but using them concurrently will give you the widest reach for your content and help you generate optimal traffic. 

Share your content on social media.

If you have followers on any social platforms, sharing your post on those platforms is a great place to start. Those followers are most likely following you because they’re interested in you, your brand, and your content, so they are going to be the first people to take genuine interest in the content you are sharing.

Making a social post to promote your content is free and easy. Come up with a unique caption that will grab the reader’s attention and pique their interest, and include a convenient link to your content location. Post this on any social platforms you are active on for your followers to enjoy, and hopefully they will share it with their friends and followers, too.

Some great social media platforms for brands and businesses include:

Pay to promote your social media posts.

Most social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn offer options to promote, sponsor, or boost social posts for a specific length of time. You can choose how much you want to pay, how long you want the post to be promoted, and what type of audience you want to reach with your post. Boosting your post will help it reach a wider audience of individuals on that specific platform—individuals who might not currently follow you on that platform but are within your target audience. This is a great way to amplify and promote that specific piece of content, as well as promote your brand to potentially increase awareness, followers, and engagement on that platform.

Run a paid ad campaign on Google.

Depending on the content you are amplifying, a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign may be a great option for you. This is especially beneficial for podcasts, blogs, or video producers who are putting out content on a regular basis and offer subscription opportunities. You can create ads for one or several articles, episodes, or videos that your audience may be searching for, so that your content appears in relevant SERPs (search engine results pages).

Send it to your email subscribers.

If you have built an email list of subscribers, send out an email blast about your content. These subscribers have opted in to receive emails from you, so they are likely interested in your content. Sending an email blast puts that content directly in their inbox for them to conveniently access.

Include an appealing sample or preview in the email to pique their interest, and provide a link that takes them to where your content is hosted. If they enjoy the content, they can forward that email to their friends and colleagues who may be interested. And, depending on the features provided by your email marketing platform, you can include options for them to share that content to their own social media profiles and platforms.

Partner with influencers or industry experts.

If you have a network of industry experts or influencers with a relevant audience, consider reaching out to them and discussing a partnership with them. When you have a credible person or brand share your content, they can help your content gain more exposure with an audience that may not follow you or may not be subscribed to your email blasts.

This effectively amplifies that specific piece of content, but it can also help increase your brand awareness. Your partner isn’t just sharing some content that they find interesting—they’re endorsing you and your brand as credible and valuable. If their followers trust their endorsement and enjoy the content, they may be inclined to follow you and/or your brand.

Depending on the content you are amplifying and the type of audience that influencer has, you can also consider giving their following a special offer, like a coupon code to use on their first purchase. This shows that you value your partnership with the influencer and you value their audience, while also giving more value and incentive for them to promote your brand and content.

We can help you optimize and amplify your content.

If you’re ready to make the most of your content by amplifying it through organic social posts, paid campaigns, email blasts, or network partnerships, contact us today. Our digital marketing experts will discuss your traffic and conversion goals, evaluate your target audiences, and use industry data to strategize the best methods to amplify your content and reach valuable consumers.