How to Publish App to Apple Store Xcode

Dec 16, 2022

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to publish your app to the Apple Store using Xcode. In this article, we will walk you through the essential steps and guidelines to ensure a successful submission. At Smartbiz Design, we specialize in providing expert digital marketing services for businesses in the Business and Consumer Services industry, helping them achieve optimal online presence and reach their target audience effectively.

Why Publish Your App on the Apple Store?

With millions of users worldwide, the Apple Store offers a vast potential audience for your app. Publishing your app on the Apple Store allows you to tap into this vast market and reach Apple device users looking for valuable and innovative applications. Furthermore, it enhances your app's credibility and visibility, providing an avenue for monetization.

Step 1: Create an Apple Developer Account

Before publishing your app, you need to create an Apple Developer Account. Go to the Apple Developer website and sign in with your Apple ID or create a new one. Follow the instructions provided to complete the registration process and gain access to the necessary tools and resources for app development and distribution.

Step 2: Prepare Your App for Submission

Before submitting your app, ensure that you have a well-designed and fully-functional app that adheres to Apple's guidelines and standards. Ensure that your app provides a great user experience, has a compelling icon and screenshots, and offers valuable features and functionalities.

Key Guidelines to Keep in Mind:

  • Test your app thoroughly to eliminate any bugs or issues.
  • Ensure that your app is compatible with the latest iOS version.
  • Follow Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for designing your app's user interface.
  • Provide clear and concise app descriptions that highlight its unique selling points.
  • Optimize your app's performance to ensure it runs smoothly.
  • Include relevant keywords in your app's title and description to improve discoverability.

Step 3: Generate App Store Screenshots and Preview Video

Visual representation plays a crucial role in attracting users to download your app. The Apple Store requires a set of high-quality screenshots and, optionally, a preview video that showcases your app's key features and functionalities. Capture visually appealing screenshots that accurately depict your app's interface and functionality.

Step 4: Fill in App Metadata and Pricing Details

Provide essential metadata for your app, such as its name, category, keywords, and version number. Additionally, set the availability and pricing details for your app. Carefully choose relevant and accurate keywords to maximize your app's visibility in the App Store search results.

Step 5: Submit Your App for Review

Once you have completed all the necessary steps and ensured your app meets Apple's guidelines, it's time to submit it for review. Apple's review process ensures that apps offered through the Apple Store are of high quality, safe, and reliable for users. It may take several days for Apple to review and approve your app.


Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to publish your app to the Apple Store using Xcode. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure a smooth app submission process and increase your app's chances of being discovered by millions of Apple device users. At Smartbiz Design, we offer top-notch digital marketing services tailored to the Business and Consumer Services industry, helping businesses like yours enhance their online presence and maximize their reach.

For professional assistance with digital marketing and app store optimization, contact Smartbiz Design today!

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