Holy Spirit Episcopal School Partners with Enrollment Catalyst

Aug 21, 2018

At Smartbiz Design, we take pride in providing exceptional digital marketing services to businesses and organizations across various industries. Today, we want to highlight our partnership with Holy Spirit Episcopal School and Enrollment Catalyst, and how this collaboration has led to significant growth in student enrollment.


Holy Spirit Episcopal School is a prestigious educational institution committed to providing a nurturing and challenging learning environment for students. With a focus on academic excellence, spiritual growth, and character development, Holy Spirit Episcopal School stands as a beacon of educational integrity in the community.

Enrollment Catalyst, our esteemed partner in this venture, is a renowned consulting and marketing firm specializing in helping schools optimize their enrollment strategies. They have a proven track record of empowering schools to achieve their enrollment goals through innovative marketing techniques and strategic guidance.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

In today's digital age, having a robust online presence is crucial for any educational institution. With an increasing number of parents turning to the internet to research schools for their children, leveraging digital marketing strategies has become essential for schools seeking to expand their student population.

Smartbiz Design understands this shifting landscape and has worked diligently with Holy Spirit Episcopal School and Enrollment Catalyst to create a tailored digital marketing plan that meets their specific needs. Our goal was to enhance the school's visibility, attract qualified leads, and convert those leads into enrolled students.

A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Our approach involved a comprehensive assessment of Holy Spirit Episcopal School's current digital marketing efforts, followed by the development of a customized strategy. We examined their website, social media presence, search engine rankings, and online reputation to identify areas for improvement.

Keyword research played a vital role in optimizing the school's online presence. By identifying the keywords and phrases parents commonly use when searching for schools, we were able to strategically incorporate them into the website's content, metadata, and blog posts. This ensured higher visibility in search engine results, reaching parents actively seeking educational opportunities for their children.

Website Optimization

In collaboration with Holy Spirit Episcopal School and Enrollment Catalyst, we revamped the school's website to align it with industry best practices, ensuring a seamless user experience. Our team implemented responsive design elements, making the site accessible across various devices and screen sizes.

We also optimized the website's navigation structure, ensuring intuitive user flow and easy access to essential information. By enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of the website, Holy Spirit Episcopal School saw increased engagement and prolonged visit durations.

Engaging Content Creation

To establish Holy Spirit Episcopal School as an authority in the education sector, we focused on creating informative and engaging content. Our team worked closely with the school's administration and faculty to develop compelling blog posts, articles, and videos that showcased the school's unique curriculum, extracurricular activities, and achievements.

Additionally, we encouraged user-generated content by providing a platform for parents and students to share their experiences at Holy Spirit Episcopal School. This resulted in authentic testimonials and positive reviews, further enhancing the school's online reputation.

Social Media Integration

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, offering vast opportunities for schools to connect with prospective students and parents. Recognizing this, our team implemented a comprehensive social media strategy for Holy Spirit Episcopal School.

We identified the most effective social media platforms for reaching the school's target audience and developed engaging content that fostered a sense of community. Regular updates, event promotions, and informative posts attracted followers and generated interest in Holy Spirit Episcopal School's offerings.

Results and Impact

Through our collaboration with Holy Spirit Episcopal School and Enrollment Catalyst, we witnessed tangible improvements in student enrollment and overall brand visibility. The school experienced a substantial increase in qualified leads and conversion rates, translating into a thriving student community.

By harnessing the power of digital marketing, Holy Spirit Episcopal School managed to penetrate new markets and build meaningful relationships with prospective families. This achievement goes hand in hand with their commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience.

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