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Digital marketing design team

We are a team of digital marketing and design experts. Our immense passion and our creative drive are backed by over 30 years of experience in design, marketing, business, and technology. Our agency is founded on relationships in-house and with our clients. We collaborate with each client to determine the best possible product and strategy for their needs, and we combine our experience, data, and creativity as a team to deliver optimal results.

Digital marketing team member: Geo, Owner of SMARTBIZ DESIGN.

Founder of SMARTBIZ DESIGN, Geo sought to build an agency with a stellar team culture that prioritized excellent design, customer satisfaction, and optimal results. He appreciates intelligent design that facilitates utilization with remarkable ease. Smart design derived from proven data and supercharged with precise marketing delivers the considerable results our clients expect.

Operations, Design, Marketing

Digital marketing team member: Lana, Accountant of SMARTBIZ DESIGN.

Laser focus backed with discipline and drive. Co-founder of SMARTBIZ DESIGN, Lana is the master in operations and finance, making sure we stay on point while thriving as an agency.

Operations, Finance

Digital marketing team member: Morgan, Writer and designer of SMARTBIZ DESIGN.

Creative brilliance with pure determination to develop the best content and creatives one can achieve. Our award-winning rising star, Morgan is a true asset to our digital marketing team and to our clients’ online endeavors.

Copywriting, Design, Marketing

Digital marketing team member: Mare, Design & UX assurance of SMARTBIZ DESIGN.

Keen eyes for stellar design, continuity, and efficiency. Mare thoroughly tests and analyzes every site page, feature, and function to ensure top quality user interfaces, user experiences, and designs.

Design, UI/UX assurance

Digital marketing team member: Aaron, machine learning of SMARTBIZ DESIGN.

Eliminating the cumbersome, arduous, and error-prone tasks of life through technology is one of Aaron’s passions. After a fulfilling career in IT, Aaron has shifted his focus and attention to machine learning while continuing to provide essential systems administration to SMARTBIZ DESIGN.

Machine learning, Systems administration

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