A Google search query that says "Find my business online".

Have you ever searched online for a product or service and you were surprised to see that several of the top results were for the same brand or business? Perhaps you searched for “spin class near me” and the SERP (search engine results page) was dominated by your local indoor cycling studio, including links to their homepage, pricing page, scheduling page, Facebook page, Instagram profile, and Yelp listing.

Maybe you clicked on one of their social pages to see recent posts that were exciting and inspiring, or clicked on their Yelp to find positive reviews from their newest visitors. Or you visited their website to find useful information and a convenient sign-up form. Regardless of which link(s) you clicked on, that indoor cycling studio’s online presence was large enough to get your attention, pique your interest, and maybe even win your business.

Why your online presence matters.

Whether you have been in business for several years or you are just now launching your new brand, a strong online presence is essential to any business in the digital age. Without a good online presence, your business will miss out on valuable leads, conversions, and revenue.

For local businesses, having an online presence helps increase their visibility with consumers who are searching for similar products and services in their area. When your local business shows up on the front page of SERPs and has a strong online presence across multiple channels, you can stand out from the big-box retailers and chain competitors, and build valuable relationships with the consumers in your area.

For larger corporations and businesses with multiple locations nationally or internationally, your online presence allows you to reach more consumers globally. When your online presence is strong and consistent, it builds credibility and trust with potential prospects no matter where they are or how they find you.

Because 97% of consumers use the internet to find a business, you want to ensure that prospects can easily find your brand when they are searching for a relevant product or service. And the more places they can find you, the better. Here are three key ways to grow your online presence and increase your visibility with your prospects.

Search engine optimization.

A consumer pressing the search button to look for a business.

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the best ways to grow your online presence sustainably. Professional SEO tactics will earn your business valuable front page placements on relevant SERPs which increases your visibility and organic traffic.

3.5 billion Google searches are performed per day, and your prospects are searching for businesses like yours. When your site is professionally optimized, your business can be included in those search results and you can get the attention and interest of more valuable prospects with each search performed.

Search engine optimization is an extensive and highly effective process that includes proven tactics, techniques, and strategies, including:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Content marketing
  • UI/UX (user interface/user experience)
  • Site responsiveness
  • Site speed
  • Meta descriptions and alt tags
  • Local SEO
  • Internal links, outbound links, and backlinks

For more information, here are some helpful SEO blog posts: smartbizdesign.com/category/seo/

Social media.

A phone screen displaying the apps of some social media platforms that you can use to grow your online presence.

The purpose of growing your online presence is to reach your target audience where they are, and social media is another great way to do that. Studies have shown that approximately 45% of the world’s population utilize social media, so it’s safe to say that a good portion of your audience members utilize at least one social media platform, if not several.

When you are active on popular/relevant social media platforms and when satisfied consumers are engaging with you and your content, this builds credibility and trust with your potential prospects. Growing your online presence across social media platforms is a great way to increase your brand awareness, because:

  • Your followers can share your content with their followers
  • You can utilize hashtags to show up in relevant feeds
  • You can generate engagement that helps promote your brand

Creating optimized and consistent social media platforms and sharing valuable content will help you grow your online presence, increase your visibility, build your credibility, generate engagement, and ultimately create valuable relationships with your consumers.

Paid ad campaigns.

A phone screen displaying the Google Ads logo.

A fantastic way to grow your business’ online presence quickly is through a paid ad campaign. With the right market research and strategy you can create powerful, captivating ads that show up at the top of relevant SERPs. When your prospect performs a search query, your ad can get their attention right away, making them aware of your brand and offer. While SEO practices are vital for achieving and maintaining a sustainable organic front page placement, pay-per-click ads are a great way to get you on the front page and increase your visibility quickly.

You can also run paid ads on several social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can boost or promote posts you’ve made or create a unique campaign that runs for the length of time/budget you determine. Paid social ads are a highly effective way to grow your online presence because they get your post in front of more users who may not be following you or may not be familiar with your brand, increasing your visibility and brand awareness.

We can help you grow your online presence.

If you are ready to grow your online presence, increase your visibility, and start generating more valuable leads and conversions, contact us today. Our digital marketing experts will perform market research on your industry, audiences, and competitors and then help you strategize SEO, social media, and paid ad initiatives for success.