A blogger writing a blog on a laptop.

With the influx of podcasts and video content in the past few years, many entrepreneurs and brands question if blogs are still relevant. They worry that a blog may not be worth their time or effort, because it may not gain readers (and more importantly, may not generate leads). But if a blog is well-written, provides valuable content, and is properly optimized, it can still be highly effective alongside other digital marketing mediums. Here are three reasons why blogs are still relevant in 2020, and how you can make sure your blog stays relevant for your audience.

Blogs are a valuable source for information.

If someone wants to learn something new, a blog is a great place for them to start, especially since the content is free and so easily accessible. If the author of a blog post is credible and reputable, the reader can rest assured that they’re getting accurate and well-sourced information. And, if they enjoy that particular blog post, they may be inclined to read more from that author and even share that content with others who may be interested.

Consider writing about a specific product or service that you offer, and discussing common pain points that it alleviates or some of its key benefits. You can include visual aids such as photos, videos, or diagrams that help the reader better comprehend the new information, or provide clear guides or step-by-step instructions to make it as easy as possible for the reader.

Your post can be tightly focused on one particular product, service, or task, or you can have a more broad discussion about a current trend or subject. Either approach can pique a person’s interest and provide them with valuable information.

Blogs support education and vocations.

Some readers may not be necessarily interested in your specific product or service, but they may be interested in learning more about your industry. These readers might work in your industry and just want to sharpen their vocational skills, while others may be interested in pursuing a career in your field and want to have a better idea of what they might be getting into.

If your blog is focused on your industry, you can target different facets and elements of it, including news, trends, studies, tips, leadership, community, and more. You can include details and snippets about your own products and services, but it’s more likely that your readers will want to know more about your brand’s experiences and expertise in your field. These posts are a great way to provide valuable information to peers in your industry, establish your own credibility and expertise, and build relationships with your readers.

People read blogs for entertainment.

While blogs are a valuable resource for information and education, they can also be entertaining. If a reader is experiencing some information overload from a topic deepdive or they just need a break from the mundane tasks of the day, they might find relief in an interesting story or a humorous take on a current event.

If you’re incorporating visual aids and elements in your blog posts, consider how the design or appearance appeals to your audience. Fun, exciting, or creative imagery, videos, and graphics can elevate your blog content and keep your readers attention. You can also include relevant personal anecdotes and experiences, or even tie in a recent viral trend or meme if it appeals to your audience.

We can help you outline, optimize, and amplify your blogs.

Blogs are still a highly relevant and valuable form of digital marketing, but it’s important to make sure you’re providing useful content that your audience is looking for. Outlining an editorial calendar of relevant topics can help you stay on a consistent blogging schedule, and optimizing your content with keywords can help your posts show up in relevant SERPs (search engine results pages). And once you’ve published your blog post, you can amplify it on social media networks to reach a wider audience. If you’re ready to start blogging and start reaching a valuable audience of interested readers, contact our digital marketing experts today.