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Web design & development: freelancer, agency, or DIY?

A web design agency team meeting to discuss design and development

Whether you want to create a new website for your brand or business or you want to redesign your old one, the first step is to choose who you should hire to manage this important project. You can hire a freelancing individual, an agency, or you can even do it yourself with the right knowledge,…

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In-house marketing vs. marketing agencies.

A marketing agency team meeting to discuss strategies

When it comes to digital marketing, many new or inexperienced businesses are unsure of where to start. Some businesses use an in-house marketing team to handle all of their marketing affairs. Other businesses use a marketing agency for all of their digital marketing needs. And some use a combination of both approaches, keeping some campaigns…

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How to nail your brand messaging.

A talk bubble saying "branding" on a blue background

Sometimes brand messaging can be a challenge. You know the ins and outs of your company, of course, and you know what you want to communicate to your customers, but you just can’t figure out how to say it in a way that grabs their attention. It’s easy to want to come up with catchy…

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How to write a professional bio for yourself or your business.

A talk bubble saying "hello" on an orange background

Writing a professional bio or content for an ‘About’ page can feel like a daunting task if you’ve never written one and you’re not sure where to start. But this is vital content for your website, because it provides your potential client or customer important information and it begins to establish a foundation of trust.…

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Growing your brand with social media.

The twitter logo on a phone screen

When it comes to branding a business or a project, social media cannot be avoided. Embracing and utilizing social media helps to increase your brand awareness by meeting your target audience where they are. Social media is a branding and marketing goldmine simply for the number of individuals who use one or several social media…

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Web design elements that help brand and market your business.

A brand identity packet on a desk

Earlier this week we discussed the differences between branding and marketing. As a web design agency, we understand that a website helps to both brand and market a business, and that there are key elements to any website design that can represent or ruin a brand, depending on how they’re chosen and implemented. Let’s dive…

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Are branding and marketing the same?

A question mark in a talk bubble on a yellow background

Branding and marketing… Are they the same? Are they interchangeable? Can my business succeed without them? The short answer: no, no, and no. Branding and marketing are two very different (yet equally important) methods of promoting a company, and in order to build and maintain a successful business, it’s important to understand the difference between…

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Increase your bottom line with customer reviews.

A sad emoji, a neutral emoji, and a happy emoji

One thing a lot of business owners ask about is reviews. Why are they important? How do you get them? What do you do with them? One company can be swimming in reviews while another company may struggle to just get a few. And while there’s no magic formula to getting reviews (and no way…

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An advanced guide to visual marketing.

A videographer holding a video camera

In September we published a beginner’s guide to visual content, and decided to kick it up a notch this week with an advanced version. If you’re already utilizing professional or stock photography on your website and have included some info graphics with your content and in you blog posts, here are a few things you…

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