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User Experience (or UX) refers to a person’s overall experience when using a particular product, service, or system- in this case, your website. This experience includes:

  • How your site performs and responds on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • How visually consistent your website’s design is.
  • How reliable each button, link, or element of your site is.
  • How easy it is for your user to navigate your website.
  • How concise, relevant, and valuable your content is.

All of these factors are imperative to the performance of your website, and depending on the design and development of your website, a user (and potential client or customer) may have a great experience or a poor experience. 

Keeping your user’s experience in mind when designing and developing your website is essential to increasing and maintaining traffic and conversion rates. Here are just a few reasons why we believe that UX is key to your online success:

A satisfying user experience can differentiate your brand.

A good user experience can make or break a website. A website can look great and can even be professionally optimized, but if the user has a poor experience when navigating and using the site, they aren’t likely to stay long enough to appreciate the design or content, and more importantly, to purchase the product or request the service.

In the battle between brands’ or companies’ online presences, the one with the most satisfying and most efficient user experience is the one who will generate the most leads, conversions, and recommendations. A user will always remember when an experience was satisfying or when an experience was complicated and frustrating, and positive user experiences are vital for your success.

When a new user and potential client or customer visits your site for the first time, and they see that your website is not only designed well but is efficient and easy to use, they are much more likely to trust that your product or service meets that same level of quality. This experience can set you apart from your competitors and increase the chance of conversion.

A great user experience can increase conversion rates.

Maintaining healthy conversion rates is vital to your brand or business’s online success, and a great user experience greatly contributes to that rate. When a new user is able to navigate and interact with each page or element of your site easily and efficiently, and when they can easily find exactly what they we’re looking for, they’re more likely to find value in your brand or company and are thus more likely to convert. 

If the potential client or customer can’t easily and quickly find what they’re looking for and feel that the site is slow, messy, or inefficient, this poor experience can cause them to bounce and never return. Even if your product or service is exactly what they were looking for, they will end up looking for it somewhere else.

A good UX will help your potential client or customer find exactly what they were looking for right away, whether that is your product or service or just an answer to their question, and it can also act as a conversion funnel for users who may not know exactly what they want. Both of these elements are key to improving your conversion rates and, ultimately, your revenue.

A strong user experience can grow your client base.

When you value your audience and implement great UX strategies, you establish trust, reliability, and a valuable sense of quality. If a user is satisfied with their experience on your website, they will not only be more inclined to purchase your product or use your service, but they will want to come back for more and they will want to tell their friends through social shares or in conversation.

A strong user experience leads to user retention, which means that your client or customer will continue to purchase your product or use your service instead of looking for it elsewhere. And when they tell their friends and bring you new leads, this continues to increase your traffic, your conversion rates, and your revenue.

This endless cycle of traffic and conversion allows you to focus on growing your business and improving or expanding your products or services, while your client base continues to grow itself.

We are passionate about great UX.

We understand the value and importance of customer/client satisfaction and loyalty, and we believe that great UX is the key to that. Users who are satisfied with their experience are more likely to convert, more likely to purchase or use your product or service, and are more likely to share and recommend your brand or business to their peers.

We design and develop websites that not only look great but function seamlessly, aiming to provide your users with a stellar experience each and every time and guaranteeing to improve your traffic and conversion rates.

Contact us today so that we can help you improve your users experience.