Whether you are an SMB, an SME, or a larger enterprise, you are constantly using digital marketing practices and initiatives to reach your target audiences, generate leads and conversions, and increase revenue.

For newer businesses, the goal of these initiatives is to build brand awareness, interest, and trust. For businesses who are well-branded, well-known, or have a considerable amount of loyal customers, the focus is to generate conversions and sales of existing products/services.

But whether you are working on your brand awareness or have a long-standing relationship with your audience and current clients, how do you promote a brand new product or service? Here are a few ways to market your latest product or service to your existing customers and potential prospects.

Display it on your website’s homepage (or create a landing page).

The first way to promote your new product or service is by showcasing it on your website. If you simply add the product to your product catalog or service page, even your customers who frequently visit your website may overlook it. A great way to highlight your new product or service is by promoting it on your website’s homepage. This can be done by:

  • Including an announcement slide in your homepage header
  • Creating a row above (or near) the fold, designated to this new product/service
  • Creating a pop-up modal, timed to appear after a few seconds

Regardless of which approach you take, there are a few things you should include:

  • A high-quality, optimized photo or video of the product or of the service in action
  • The important details, including name, price, and a brief description
  • A CTA (call-to-action) that encourages them to purchase the product or service
  • A button or link to the product or service’s page where they can learn more information and make the purchase

Whether visitors arrive to your site organically, return to your site out of interest, or land on your page through paid ads/marketing initiatives you have implemented, they will inevitably see the product/service—this ensures awareness and interest for every pair of eyes that visit your site, regardless of where they came from or why they came.

You can also make a landing page designated to the product or service. This is especially beneficial if you are offering a discount or special offer for the product/service. You can include all of the pertinent information, various photos and videos, and an option to purchase all on the same page. With a landing page, you can develop and launch designated marketing initiatives to drive traffic to that page, guaranteeing that each visitor who lands on that page is interested, and giving them everything they need to make an informed buying decision in one convenient place.

Share it with your email subscribers.

Once you have placed your new product or service on your site by either showcasing it on your homepage or by building a designated landing page, it’s time to start promoting it to your existing customers and clients. If you already have an email list established, send your subscribers an email! Include an exciting photo or graphic, some quick details, and a link to the landing page. This delivers a notification right to their inbox to get their attention, pique their interest, and incite excitement.

You can also offer a specific deal or discount (like a coupon code), exclusive to your email subscribers. This not only helps generate more sales, but it also shows that you value your customers and helps cultivate customer loyalty.

Create and launch a paid ad campaign.

Another highly effective way to promote your new product or service is through paid ads. Your product or service’s placement on your website reaches return or new visitors (regardless of how they arrive), and your email marketing reaches existing subscribers and loyal customers. But there is a wide and valuable audience of people who may be interested in the product or service you have to offer, but may have never purchased from you before or may not visit your site, subscribe to your email, or follow you on social platforms. Paid advertising can reach that audience and beyond.

You can create and launch paid ad campaigns on search engines and their networks (like Google) or on social platforms (like Facebook and Instagram) that reach your target audience and prospects who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. While these initiatives do come at a price—typically a CPC (cost per click)—the price and effort is greatly worth it, as these paid ads can:

  • Build awareness of your product/service
  • Build awareness of your brand to new prospects
  • Generate interest and desire
  • Increase conversions, sales, and revenue

Using paid ads to reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your site or landing page is the most effective way of promoting your product or service.

We can help with your site design and digital marketing.

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