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As a web design and digital marketing agency, we regularly encounter SMB owners and entrepreneurs who express interest in bringing their business online (or taking their online presence to the next level) but they aren’t sure where to start. Some have websites that were built over a decade ago and that haven’t been updated to reflect the growth of the company or to keep up with the current design trends. Others have hesitated to launch a website, unsure of the design direction or content they will need. And some have well-designed, current websites, but don’t know how to effectively drive traffic to the site to begin generating conversions.

Whether you are a startup or you have been in business for several decades, now is the time to invest in your digital presence. Here’s some guidance to help you get started…

The value of a premium website.

In the digital age, it is impossible to deny that a website is necessary for the success of any brand or business. If a company doesn’t have a website, they’re missing out on serious growth opportunities. Your website is your greatest online asset, because this is where you’ll drive your online traffic through paid ads and other digital marketing initiatives. It’s the source for your consumers to find everything they need to know about your business, and for ecommerce brands, it’s where customers will make purchases.

A website is a powerful marketing tool, but not just any basic website will do. In order for a website to be effective and to fulfill its true, full potential, it needs to be creatively designed and intelligently developed by a team of experienced (and passionate) professionals. A premium website should:

  • Have a stellar design and a top-notch UI/UX (user interface/user experience)
  • Increase visibility and brand awareness through optimization
  • Establish credibility and build trust through branding
  • Guarantee secure and easy usage/transactions

Your website is the foundation of your online presence and all of your digital marketing initiatives, and a premium website ensures that you look your best online, feel great about your users’ experience, and see substantial growth through increased traffic and conversions.

The effectiveness of digital marketing.

Like we said before, a website is absolutely vital to the success of any business in the digital age. But without relevant, valuable traffic being driven to the site, it will not reach its full potential. This is where digital marketing strategies and initiatives come into play. The most common and effective methods of digital marketing are:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Email

Any one of these digital marketing methods can be used to help promote brand awareness, increase traffic, and generate leads or sales. And when several of these methods are strategically combined, your website not only gains valuable traffic but it earns top rankings and front page placements on relevant SERPs overtime.

Keep in mind that as the digital world grows and evolves, trends and algorithms change with it. So it’s important to ensure that the tools you are using are relevant and effective, and that the strategies you are implementing are up to date. We suggest working with a professional digital marketing agency to ensure that your initiatives, performance data, and results are always optimal.

The unbeatable dynamic duo.

Premium websites and strategic digital marketing go hand-in-hand. A website can be beautifully designed, professionally developed, and provide valuable content, but without relevant traffic it won’t meet its full potential. And what is the best way to generate relevant traffic to your website? Through proven digital marketing strategies. And for those digital marketing funnels to work effectively, they have to lead prospects to a premium website that can keep their attention, answer their questions, and ultimately convert them from a prospect to a client or customer.

These two digital powerhouses are uniquely valuable and immeasurably vital for any business, and using them together is the most effective way to ensure success.

Ready to succeed?

We take our clients’ online presence to the next level by designing and developing premium websites that increase visibility, establish credibility, and generate revenue. Then, we promote them and their premium site with effective digital marketing strategies, earning them top rankings, front page placements, and highly satisfied consumers.

If you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level and set yourself up for continued success in the digital world, contact us today. Our team would love to discuss your website and your marketing initiatives.