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An ecommerce website is one of the best ways for a brand or business to market and sell products to their customers. The consumer doesn’t have to take time out of their hectic lives and spend their energy trying to track down the product in a store–they can simply go online from the comfort of their home, place an order, and receive their product in a number of days.

But there are a few important elements to any ecommerce site that can have an impact on whether or not the prospective consumer makes a purchase on your specific site. Research has shown that approximately 48% of people use website design to determine if a business is credible, thus determining whether or not they will make a purchase. Here are three ways to improve your ecommerce website to enhance your visitors’ experience and increase your conversions.

Test your UI/UX on all devices.

One of the greatest benefits of an ecommerce website is that your potential customers can shop from virtually anywhere, on virtually any device. This means you want your site to perform efficiently and consistently on all possible device types and screen sizes, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

UI/UX (user interface/user experience) can make or break your visitor’s experience, and can determine whether or not they make a conversion or return to your site again. To provide your visitors with the best possible experience, your website should be professionally designed and developed to work with all devices, and all features should be thoroughly tested to ensure that they are responsive on mobile devices.

Secure your checkout process.

A majority of online shoppers will not make a purchase on a website if they are not confident that the site is secure, and with good reason—the risk of identity theft or financial fraud are very real, and an unsecure site makes it that much easier for hackers to access and steal valuable information.

Ensure that your checkout processes and your entire site are secure with an SSL (secure socket layer), and always keep your site, widgets, plugins, and addons up to date. Hosts and servers often release security or system updates, and if these updates aren’t processed in a timely manner, it can affect your site’s functionality and security. Utilizing security software on the server that hosts your ecommerce site as well as installing reputable security software directly on your website itself is the best way to protect your site and your customers from malicious intent. 

Along with making sure your site and checkout process is secure, make sure your customers know it’s secure. Clearly display a notice that all transactions are secure and encrypted, and provide any relevant security details that they may want or need to know. You want to provide the most secure experience as possible for your customers, and you want them to be able to have confidence in their purchase.

Optimize your product descriptions.

Another great way to improve your ecommerce is by optimizing your product descriptions for SEO (search engine optimization). Adding valuable, relevant keywords to your product descriptions will help your product pages get displayed in relevant SERPs (search engine results pages) when a prospective customer uses those search terms in a query. This helps you organically get your products in front of people who are actively looking for them online.

But you shouldn’t just optimize your product descriptions for SEO–you should also spice them up to appeal to those valuable prospective clients. You want to inform the potential consumer of everything they need to know about the product, while also engaging and exciting them. If your copy is uninteresting, uninformative, or poorly written, they may not finish reading it and may navigate away from the product without purchasing. Your product descriptions are an incredible opportunity to attract, appeal to, and engage your potential consumers in hopes of making a sale.

(For more information on how to write product descriptions that sell, check out this blog post.)

We can help improve your ecommerce website.

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