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InHome Recovery Care

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The client.

InHome Recovery Care brings substance abuse treatment into the homes of addicts and alcoholics. In some cases, they provide aftercare to patients after rehabilitation or inpatient treatment. Other cases include executives and professionals who are unable to attend an inpatient facility due to work and responsibilities, first responders in need of ongoing care for PTSD and substance abuse issues, and individuals who want to seek treatment in the privacy of their home. This in-home approach dramatically increases the clients’ odds of achieving lifelong sobriety by providing the most comprehensive and effective outpatient substance abuse recovery services available, in their community and in the comfort and privacy of their home.


  • Establish and build an online presence for brand awareness
  • Wireframe site structure and navigation for optimal browsing experience
  • Create captivating and inspiring pages for each facet of InHome Recovery Care
  • Outline and optimize informative and credible content for each service type
  • Create, curate, and optimize design and visual elements to tell an impelling visual story
  • Design and develop all site pages and features to be fully responsive and to perform seamlessly on all devices
  • Establish SEO and local optimization foundations for future growth and to generate organic traffic through increased digital footprint and rankings
  • Optimize load times, site performance, and content strategies to improve user experience and search rankings
  • Create effective and efficient opportunities for prospective patients to contact InHome Recovery Care and request services


InHome Recovery Care provides essential and effective substance abuse treatment services in Northwest Florida and the surrounding areas. While their patient base was growing through referrals, they needed an online presence to become available and accessible to addicts and alcoholics from all demographics and communities.

The primary focus with this website design project was to tell InHome Recovery Care’s story and to showcase their expertise, industry authority, and trustworthiness. Along with credible and informative content, we wanted to provide visitors with a stellar user experience and provide addicts, alcoholics, and/or their loved ones with opportunities to contact the InHome Recovery Care team with ease and confidence.


InHome Recovery Care logo - case study.
InHome Recovery Care color palette - case study.

Design & development.

InHome Recovery Care has a variety of services to meet the needs of their clients that come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and professions. We were able to work with their team of experts to develop content that thoroughly explained the value and effectiveness of each service and program, and to curate visual elements to help tell those stories.

We designed and developed the site to help visitors understand the seriousness of substance abuse disorders and the effectiveness of each program, so that they may determine which program or approach may be best for themselves or their loved one.

Over time, InHome Recovery Care has had several commercials and interviews air on local television broadcasting networks, and we have included a video library on the site to collect all of these videos in one convenient place for visitors to watch them. We also created an FAQs page to highlight questions frequently asked by the addict, the alcoholic, or their loved ones, highlighting issues like insurance, program durations and requirements, affiliations, interventions, and some common scenarios.

Simple contact forms were conveniently placed at the bottom of each service page, giving visitors opportunities to request more information on a specific service or to speak with a team member about taking the next step.

Digital marketing.

After launching their website, we partnered with InHome Recovery Care to continue expanding their website, growing their online presence on SERPs and social platforms, increasing brand awareness, and generating valuable traffic and leads through several digital marketing initiatives, including:

  • Google Ad campaigns to promote their core services in Escambia County and Santa Rosa County
  • Facebook Ad campaigns to promote their television commercials
  • SEO and local optimization strategies to boost organic search traffic
  • Content optimization strategies to expand and improve site content on existing pages and develop additional pages new services or team members as they are introduced

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