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Fitz Construction

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The client.

Fitz Construction is a project management firm in Christchurch, New Zealand. They specialize in planning, managing, and completing commercial and residential projects with excellence, from the initial concept to code of compliance.


  • Overhaul and redesign site to improve design, content, and visual elements for a stronger, more modern brand and tell a more captivating story
  • Improve site structure and navigation for a more intuitive user experience
  • Create pages that strongly and informatively showcase each service type and display project portfolios
  • Develop a fully responsive design and ensure site performs seamlessly on all devices
  • Improve site performance and load times, and optimize content strategies to enhance user experience and search rankings
  • Establish SEO and local optimization foundations for future growth and to generate organic traffic
  • Generate valuable traffic, leads, and conversions that result in project management and construction contracts
  • Successfully rebrand the company from Fitz Consulting to Fitz Construction and update all digital marketing initiatives and social platforms to reflect this title change


Fitz Construction provides project management and code compliance services of various scales in both the residential and commercial industries. But their former site was understated and did not sufficiently expound on their range of services. It also did provide them with opportunities to present their project photos or portfolios. They were in need of a fresh, modern website to fully showcase their services, expertise, projects, and satisfied client reviews, while also generating project leads and conversions.

The primary focus with this web design project was to give their site a facelift and give the brand a modern, well-branded, industry relevant look online. We sought to outline and optimize informative content to tell their story and highlight their industry authority and expertise.


Fitz Construction logo - case study.
Fitz Construction color palette - case study.

Design & development.

Fitz Construction had an extensive library of progress photos from residential and commercial projects for us to use. We were able to create collections from each project that strongly showcased the quality and detail of their work, and included these collections on the relevant service pages. We also featured a project video on their homepage, which captured the essence and professionality of their brand.

We designed and developed each page of the site to offer users informative content and provide them with opportunities to contact Paul Fitzsimmons for more information or to request a consultation.

The new site consistently and efficiently performs on all devices, and its navigation allows visitors to seamlessly navigate through the site’s homepage and interior pages. We also implemented a video library to display project videos and industry insights.

Shortly after we had launched their new site, Fitz Construction went through a rebranding process from their former name, which was Fitz Consulting. At this time, we migrated the site to a new URL to reflect this change and updated all site content, social profiles, directory listings, and digital marketing initiatives. We also included customer testimonials to emphasize their credibility and quality services.

Digital marketing.

After launching their new website, we partnered with Fitz Construction to continue expanding their website, enhancing their online presence, and increasing brand awareness and traffic through several digital marketing initiatives, including:

  • Google Ad campaigns tied to landing pages that promote each of their core services in Christchurch, NZ
  • SEO and local optimization strategies to boost organic search traffic
  • Content optimization strategies to expand site content and develop additional site pages for growth

Campaign insights.


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