The Enterprise website package.

A stellar 20 page website that is designed and developed for large businesses.

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For large businesses and enterprises.

We created our Enterprise website package for larger-scale businesses and corporations. This robust package allows you to thoroughly showcase your brand, your experts, your locations, your products, your portfolio, and more with top of the line design and professional content.

All of our websites are uniquely designed, professionally developed, and custom built. Each design reflects your brand, every feature and element serves a valuable purpose, and the content tells your story, creates credibility, and generates conversions.

Discovery session

Before we begin designing your website, our team will host a discovery session with you to gain insights on your brand, needs, and vision so we can create the perfect site for you.

Website content

Our writing team will develop powerful content that will tell your story and market your brand. We will also optimize all content using the latest SEO industry standards.

Page mockups

All of our site pages are custom designed. Before we begin developing your site, we will provide you with mockups for your homepage and interior pages for approval.

Animated elements

The Enterprise package includes several animated design elements, which will really capture the attention of your user and elevate their user experience.

Responsive design

Since over 60% of all online traffic is conducted on mobile devices, we design and develop every page and feature of our sites to perform seamlessly on any device.

Contact form

Our Enterprise contact form will increase your accessibility, give your prospects a more personal conversion opportunity, and ultimately generate valuable leads for your business.

Social media

We will place branded social media icons on your site that link to your pages and profiles, increasing your online presence, your brand awareness, and your credibility.

Newsletter integration

With our newsletter signup form you can build a valuable list of email subscribers and set yourself up success with your future email, direct, and remarketing campaigns.

Make sure your website is as professional as your business.

A first-class company deserves a first-class website.

Package timeline

A Enterprise website takes approximately 3-4 months to complete.

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  • Research: During this phase we conduct research on your industry, your target audience, and your competitors to determine what site style and features your users might expect. Our team will also host our discovery session with you to get to know your brand and your vision.

  • Content: Before we begin designing your website we will use the data and insights we collected in our research to develop optimized content for your website. We will work closely with your team to ensure that all content is accurate, appropriately represents your brand, and is relevant to your business goals. We will submit the final content to you for approval before proceeding to the design stages.

  • Wireframing: Once the content has been completed and approved, our design experts will begin wireframing your website to optimally present your content to your audience, provide a stellar user experience, and meet (and exceed) design standards.

  • Mockups: Before we begin making your vision a reality and bringing our designs to life, we will submit mockups of the homepage and interior pages for your approval. This stage allows us to ensure that we are on the right track, that you are satisfied with the direction the website is taking, and that our development process is efficient.

  • Development: As soon as the mockups are approved, our team will begin the development stage. Each page is created from scratch and we place each section of content by hand to ensure your business receives a fully customized, professional, and absolutely stellar website.

  • Quality assurance: As we reach the end of the development stage and your website is almost ready to launch, our QA team thoroughly proofs and tests the site from front to back. This ensures that each page, section of content, feature, and element functions seamlessly on all devices and provides the best possible experience for your users.

  • Revisions: Once we have finished developing your site, we will take your on a thorough walkthrough of your site prior to launch. We will then conduct 3 round of revisions to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new website.

  • Training: When your website is complete and ready to launch, one of our experts will provide a 3 hour personal training session to help you get acquainted with your brand new website. We will also provide you with a training video that focuses on key features of your site (i.e. posting to your blog, uploading to your media gallery, accessing your form submissions, etc.).

  • Launch: Once it has been fully developed, tested, revised, and approved, we will launch your brand new website! Once the website is live, we can continue to maintain and monitor the site for you, or we can turn full control of the website over to you and your team.

  • Google analytics: We build all of our websites to receive considerable traffic and deliver valuable results, so we connect each site to Google Analytics so you can gain insights on your website’s performance. This data can also be used when creating and/or monitoring your digital marketing initiatives.

Review stars

"Our business was releasing new products on a regular basis and our customer-base was rapidly growing. But our website was never made to host a catalog of that size or handle that level of traffic, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for our customers to navigate the site. SMARTBIZ DESIGN designed and built a beautiful website that gave our customers an awesome experience, and they made sure the site could grow with us for years to come."

Maximize your ROIs with an Enterprise website.