A customer viewing a landing page

Landing pages are essential to your brand or business’s inbound marketing strategy. A professionally optimized landing page will allow you to convert potential clients and customers into leads. In order for a landing page to be effective, it is important to understand its purpose and the necessary elements that a landing page needs.

What does a landing page do?

Simply put, a landing page is a page that your potential client or customer will land on as a result of a marketing campaign. The campaign may include paid advertising, social posts, email blasts, and other methods of marketing, and they will all lead to this specific landing page.

The purpose of a landing page is to drive potential clients and customers to fill out a specific form, contact a specific number or email, or purchase a specific product or service. While your website is meant to inform a visitor, the singular goal of a landing page is to convert them. It is a clear call to action with invaluable results.

How does a landing page work?

The key to an effective landing page is simplicity. Other areas of your website- such as bios or blog posts- can and should reach a high word count, as long as the copy is accurate, informative, and optimized. A landing page, on the other hand, should present the call to action immediately and concisely.

This page will only have a few lines of text, and should only contain photos or videos that are essential to conveying the value of the action you are expecting the visitor to make. Less is always more with a landing page.

A landing page won’t have your website’s navigation, and should not have any other links or buttons besides the one that is meant to elicit the desired action from the visitor. You want them to land on the page through the direct link and only leave once the action has been performed.

If you’re wanting to collect specific data, offer a particular product or service, or even run a unique promotion, having a designated landing page will put it right in front of your potential client or customer’s eyes. They won’t be distracted by too many offers or calls to action, and by keeping it separate from your website, they won’t stray from the product by roaming your site.

Why is a landing page necessary?

A landing page has only one goal: convert, convert, convert.

Existing clients or customers know to return to your website when they need to purchase or request your product or service again. And, if your website is professionally optimized, potential clients and customers can find your site through organic searches, ads, and referrals. 

But what if you’re running a special promotion that you know will increase your sales revenue? What if you want to collect customer or client data for a specific purpose? Popup modals are great for this, but if a returning user is in a hurry or a new visitor is looking for something specific, they may close the pop up before even sparing it a glance.

Having a landing page dedicated to that specific product, service, promotion, or data collection is essential to your conversion success. Your marketing campaign will drive your target audience right to the page, and the page will give the visitor exactly what they need in order to cause them to take action, with value and urgency. Nothing more, nothing less.

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