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Studies have shown that four out of five consumers use search to find information about local brands and businesses. So, if you haven’t optimized your business for local search, you could be missing out on 80% of your potential consumers. Local SEO is as important as any other SEO or digital marketing initiative if you want your business to become and remain relevant to your local audience. One of the best ways to optimize your business locally is by listing your business in local directories.

How to optimize your business on local directories.

Many SMB owners believe that optimizing their business with local directories is a tedious and antiquated process. But when it’s done intelligently and strategically, it’s painless, seamless, and highly beneficial.

The first step is to determine what directories you want to list your business in. There are several directories that are universally used by consumers to search for businesses in every industry (Google My Business, Bing Places), and there are niche directories that are more industry specific (Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor).

Once you’ve determined what directories you will be listing your business in, the next step is to set up your profiles. Most directories offer basic profiles for free that allow you to list your business’ name, address, and phone number (NAP). With most free profiles, you can also select a category/subcategories for your business and upload a logo and photo(s). Some directories offer more in depth profiles at no additional costs, while others charge a one-time or monthly fee to list details such as services, offers, and additional photos. Optimizing with local directories is as simple as choosing the right ones and publishing your profiles.

What local directories you should consider.

There is a seemingly endless list of directories online right now, both for general businesses and specific industries. Instead of investing countless hours creating profiles on every single directory you can possibly find, choose the ones that are credible, have authority and trustworthiness as a directory or search tool, and are highly-trafficked by your target audience. Here are some of the best directories that you should definitely consider for your business.

Niche Directories

How to make the most of your local optimization.

How many directories and which directories you list your business in will be determined by your industry, your location, and your audience. And whether you list only the bare minimum information (NAP) or you opt to build more thorough, in depth profiles is entirely up to you and the level of investment you are willing to make. Regardless of your approach or investment, there is one vital measure that can make or break your local optimization: consistency

Consistency is key. When creating and publishing your directory profiles, verify that all data and information is accurate and correct. If information is misspelled, inconsistently or unnecessarily abbreviated, or incorrect, it can cause potential consumers to lose trust in your legitimacy and credibility, driving them to your competitor with the most professional listing. A missing suite number, a wrong phone number, or a broken URL can result in a missed lead, so ensure that every detail of every profile is consistent and correct.

For more information about optimizing your business’ local SEO for success, check out this post.

We can help you optimize your business locally.

If you want to market your business to that 80% of local consumers who are using local directories to find businesses like yours, contact us today. Our digital marketing experts will evaluate your business, industry, audience, and location to determine the best directories for your business. Then, we’ll outline your NAP, a professionally written bio, and additional details to be used consistently on all your profiles. And lastly, we’ll create, publish, and verify your profiles on all relevant local directories, ensuring your local digital footprint is optimal and effective. Ready to get started?