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Advertising is valuable to any brand or business, especially online. And while most effective digital marketing campaigns require initial investments and professional research, strategy, and management, there are a few advertising tricks that you can do for free to help generate brand awareness and broaden your online presence.

Post valuable content on social media.

One great way to reach your target audience for free is to post valuable content on social media. Most social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are free to use. Simply set up your profile and begin posting content that is relevant to your brand and audience. If your audience enjoys your content, they can like, comment, and even share those posts with others. You can also use hashtags to reach audience members who are following or searching for those tags. Make sure you engage and interact with your followers, as this helps build a relationship with your audience and cultivate brand loyalty.

Guest host on a podcast or blog.

Some bloggers and podcasters offer guest hosting spots on their blog or podcast. This usually benefits the guest host by giving them exposure and an opportunity to reach a wider audience, while helping the blogger/podcaster produce fresh and exciting content.

Find popular, credible, quality blogs or podcasts in your industry or local community and contact the hosts to see if they would be interested in inviting you on as a guest. Doing this can help you build relationships with other experts in your industry or community, reach a wider audience, and contribute to quality content that you can both utilize.

Get positive reviews from customers.

Positive feedback is a great form of advertising. Ask your satisfied customers to leave reviews on your local directory listings, social profiles, product listings, and anywhere else they are willing to share. These reviews serve as advertisements for your brand, because when prospects see those endorsements, it helps cultivate their trust and confidence in your brand, which can in turn motivate them to make a purchase. You can also share those reviews onsite and on other platforms to maximize their visibility and value.

Share at a virtual or in-person event.

Similar to guest hosting on a podcast or a blog, speaking at an event is a great way to get exposure, advertise your brand, and reach a wider audience. This might be a local event in your community hosted by another business or organization, an industry-specific seminar or workshop, or a video conference. You can share about your experience and expertise in your field, about your products and services, and about the valuable results that have been delivered to your clients.

Do a product giveaway or contest.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Offering a giveaway or running a contest on social media is a great way to gain more followers and increase your engagement. Your current followers are incentivized to engage more with your content and to share it with their own followers and friends, and those individuals get an opportunity to follow you and join the contest or giveaway. While you do, of course, have to give one of your products or services for free to the lucky winner, but if you’re aiming to grow your online presence and increase your brand awareness, your ROI will be well worth it. (Learn more about how to run a successful social media contest here.)

Make the most of all of your digital marketing initiatives.

Whether you want to create quality social media content with a strategic editorial calendar, make the most of your customer reviews, or grow your audience through a product giveaway, contact our team today. Our digital marketing experts will help you strategize and execute these digital marketing efforts as well as other initiatives that can help your business grow online.