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Demolition Pros

DP case study.

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The client.

Demolition Pros is a leading expert in the commercial and residential demolition industries throughout Northwest Florida and the surrounding areas. Their projects include exterior and interior demolitions, land clearing, and swimming pool removals.


  • Successfully rebrand the company from Applied Construction Management to Demolition Pros and establish an online presence
  • Improve site structure and navigation for a more seamless browsing experience
  • Improve site design, content, and visual elements for a more captivating visual story and user-friendly experience
  • Implement a fully responsive design and develop site to perform seamlessly on all devices
  • Create engaging and informative pages to showcase each unique service type
  • Establish SEO and local optimization foundations for future growth and to generate organic traffic
  • Improve load times, site performance, and content strategies to improve user experience and search rankings
  • Generate leads and conversions that result in project contracts


Demolition Pros is an expert in its industry and has an impressive range of services and capabilities. But their former brand and website failed to accurately and effectively represent them. Along with upgrading their brand to better reflect their company, they were in need of a fresh and strong website that expounded their services, showcased their projects, provided a stellar user experience, and generated project leads.

The primary focus with this web design project was content strategy. While demolition is a broad service and industry, each service they provide is unique and particular. We sought to outline, write, and optimize content for each of their service categories that developed an informative story and emphasized their expertise.


Demolition Pros logo - case study.
Demolition Pros color palette - case study.

Design & development.

Demolition Pros had an extensive library of project photos for us to work with. We were able to curate several photos for each service page that strongly showcased each services’ unique features and applications, as well as a demolition video for their homepage that captured the power and energy of the brand.

We designed and developed the site to offer visitors useful and informative content on each service type to help them determine which approach is right for them. The new site performs consistently and seamlessly on all devices, and its strategic navigation and page layout provides each visitor with a stellar user experience.

Consistent branding, customer testimonials, and industry-standard credentials are positioned strategically throughout the site to highlight the company’s story and credibility, and to build brand awareness.

Digital marketing.

After launching their new website, we partnered with Demolition Pros to continue building their online presence, increasing their brand awareness, generating valuable traffic, and increasing conversions through several digital marketing initiatives, including:

  • Google Ad campaigns to promote their services in Pensacola and Panama City.
  • A landing page and Google Ad campaign to offer emergency clean up services and solutions in Panama City and surrounding areas following Hurricane Michael
  • SEO and local optimization strategies to boost organic search traffic
  • Content optimization strategies to expand and improve site content on existing pages and develop additional pages for growth

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