A SMB owner thinking about emails.

Customer retention is a valuable and essential goal for any business looking to increase their revenue and sustain their growth, since customer loyalty results in repeated purchases and valuable referrals. And luckily, retaining existing customers is significantly less expensive than acquiring new ones—sometimes 5-25x less!

One of the best ways to cultivate customer loyalty is by providing valuable content. There are several ways to produce and provide content for your audience, but one of the most commonly used (and most powerful) methods is email marketing.

Satisfied customers (and even interested prospects) will subscribe to a brand’s email list to receive exclusive offers, exciting updates, and insider information delivered right to their inbox. But if you’ve just started your email newsletter or you haven’t built an email list yet, email marketing can seem futile. But building a list of valuable emails and getting started on your email marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. Here are three simple ways to start building your email list.

Place a subscription form on your site.

Last Monday, we talked about standard web forms that generate conversions, and one of those forms is a subscription form. Simply place a form in a visibile, high-trafficked area of your site that allows the visitor to simply provide their name and email address to be added to your newsletter list.

One of the greatest benefits of a subscription form is that each lead you generate from this form is an individual consumer who is genuinely interested in your content, product, or service. Since you didn’t offer an incentive to convince them or coerce them into sign up, their subscription was of their own interest and intent. These emails are often less likely to unsubscribe, and they are often the most likely to open your emails, read them, and possibly take advantage of your future offers and promotions.

Use a modal window to get their attention.

You might think we’re talking about those annoying, outdated pop-ups from the early 2000s that were bothersome (and often spam), but we’re not. The modern modal window still has that same pop-up effect, but the approach is much more intelligent and UI/UX conscious.

When you create a modal window on your site, you can time it to populate after a user has spent a certain amount of time on your page, or in response to a certain behavior, like exiting out of a page or scrolling to a certain point on the page. This “window” doesn’t actually open a new tab or window like the old pop-ups did, but instead acts as a child window inside of the current one the visitor is using.

When the modal window is properly branded, designed with the user’s experience in mind, and developed to effectively convert, it can be an impressive and satisfying experience that encourages a convert, instead of a frustrating or bothersome experience that causes the visitor to leave the site entirely. When the modal window is done right, you can appeal to your visitor with the right content at the right time and potentially gain a lead.

Offer an incentive to your visitors.

Another great way to generate leads and build your email list is by offering an incentive to your prospective leads. This could be a free ebook, a digital download, a free sample, an exclusive discount, or a trial run of a product or service. All the user has to do to receive the incentive is provide you with their email address.

This method can be combined with your subscription form or modal window, or you can create a designated landing page for this exclusive offer and promote that page to generate more interest. If your website has a blog (it should), you can give your reader an opportunity to subscribe at the end of a post to receive more exclusive content on the subject.

Offering an incentive for visitors who are unsure or on the fence can give them the encouragement to subscribe, giving you the opportunity to further market to them with information and offers they might enjoy.

We can help you gain email leads.

If you’re ready to grow your list of email subscribers, contact us today. We’d love to discuss how we can place an intuitive subscription form on your site, implement a modal window that will excite your customers, and develop an offer to incentivize your visitors to subscribe.